Meredith Fife Day
  Meredith Fife Day  


Making and teaching art is my vocation. I come to my vocation as a painter and a lover of art. Responsiveness to the form that beauty and art take leads me to great artists throughout history. I bring their spirit to my work and to the classroom.

My own sensibilities also draw me to children's art, African-American painters from the 1940s to the present, and early-to-mid 20th century European and American Modernism.

Although I basically distrust the "Now", I enjoy much of it. What I do like about current art and teaching - as long as it is done without populist exploitation - is the movement to take it out of the hands of the priviledged few.

Enlivened form determines my aesthetic. I paint from observation for visual cues to work with form. Whatever the subject matter may be, the abstract considerations of keeping form alive are always paramount. Poetic encounter of these considerations with one another give me hope that I can say through a painting something that cannot be said any other way.

A shift in consciousness is required to make the deep connection with what I see before me. The entire being is engaged. A painting that is alive makes me feel more alive.

-Meredith Fife Day


Downtown Lowell First Thursdays 2018